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Shift Swap Request Form

Employees are allowed to request shift swaps pending approval of your manager/supervisor, and the permission of the colleague you wish to swap with. These requests will need to be made at least 1 week in advance in order to allow for proper planning and approval. Requests for time-off or shift swaps made in less than the reccommended advance notice time, are not guaranteed to be approved. Requests made in less than the recommended advance notice time, will likely not be eligible for approval. Approval decisions are based on, but not limited to, reason for request, previous days taken off, called in or swapped in the past and recent productivity.​

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Time Off Request Form

You are expected to be on the job, ready to work, when scheduled. Inability to report to work as scheduled may lead to disciplinary action, up to and including termination of employment. Employees should submit requests for time off, including personal days, or other types of leave, well in advance. The requested time off should be communicated to the supervisor, HR department, or through the designated time-off request system, following the established procedures.

Approval Process: Time off requests will be reviewed based on business needs, staffing availability, and the order in which requests were received. While every effort will be made to accommodate requests, time off may be denied in cases where operational requirements cannot be met. If you fail to show up for work or fail to call in with an acceptable reason for the absence for a period of 3 consecutive days, you will be considered to have abandoned your job and voluntarily resigned from Fitnesserwear Exotic Dancewear, Shoes and Lingerie.

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Suggestions/Feedback Form

At Fitnesserwear Exotic Dancewear, Shoes and Lingerie, we welcome suggestions for continued improvement and welcome your ideas for better ways to do your job, produce or sell the products or services of our Company, or meet customer and client needs. Discuss your ideas with your Managers/Supervisor or another member of the management team, and they will inform you on how to properly make your suggestion. We also encourage you to offer any suggestions derived from seminars, magazines, or other outside sources of information you believe would add value to the Company.

Understand that any suggestions, innovations, inventions, or other matter created by you or discussed by you, on work time
or with Company personnel, tools or property are considered to be the property of the Company

Thank You!

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